Install a Walk-In Shower in Your Small Bathroom

If you’ve got a small bathroom you know what a challenge it is to accommodate everything needed to make the room functional and comfortable to use without ending up with a cluttered-looking space (check out our storage tips). Small bathrooms can be a real challenge to clean, too, without bumping into obstacles as you work.

The challenge is to make good use of every inch of space, and one of the best ways to do that is by installing a walk-in shower. Not only is a walk-in shower great-looking and easy to get in and out of, it also presents one less obstacle to deal with in a cramped space.

What About the Tub?

Now you might be asking yourself if it’s really a wise move to get rid of your bathtub, if what you currently have is a tub/shower combo. There’s currently a real debate raging about this issue! Many — if not most — people polled about this say they never use their bathtub and would like to have a larger, more comfortable, and more practical walk-in shower instead. Most realtors say this is fine as long as there is another bathroom in the house with a bathtub, since families with small children need a tub to bathe their kids, and doing away with a tub completely will therefore negatively affect the resale value of your home.

In Houston and around the country the bathtub vs. shower debate rages. Some people say they have no problem bathing their toddlers in a walk-in shower (like this beauty in a Houston-based home) as long as Mom or Dad accompanies the child. Adding a bench — either built-in to the design or a teak bench that can be removed also makes things easier for those with kids. Others (mostly real estate agents) find the idea of a home without any tub at all unacceptable in terms of having a negative affect on a home’s resale value.  In the end, it seems that it’s a slight gamble. If you live in an area with a strong housing market, eliminating a tub may not make a difference in the value of your home at all. And if you have another bathroom with a tub, you’ve got absolutely nothing to worry about! (It’s also important to remember that the population in the U.S. is aging. The “baby boomers” are the largest segment of the population, and a walk-in shower with grab bars and a bench is generally a safer option for them than a standard bathtub.)

Enhancing Comfort With a Walk-In Shower

If you — like most of the population — prefer showers to baths, you’ll love a walk-in shower, especially if you accommodate it with multiple shower heads and a comfortable bench to relax on while you wash your feet or (if you’re a woman) shave your legs! Adding a glass wall or a sliding glass shower door will keep the saved space issue going strong, too.

Improved Clean-ability

The fewer obstacles to clean around, the easier cleaning becomes when your bathroom is on the small side. You might also consider the following ideas to both save space and keep cleaning easy …

Small bathrooms can actually function quite well if they’re planned correctly and if you can find a great contractor to turn your wishes and needs into reality! If you live in the Houston, Texas area, you’re lucky. You’ve got access to Legal Eagle Contractors, a remodeling company with 38 years of experience and know-how with renovation projects of every scope and style!

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