Legal Eagle Contractors, Co. invites you to ENJOY YOUR IDEA CENTER EXPERIENCE


Our concept: See sample ideas and products installed in a real house… ‘could be your house’!

Obviously we don’t have every tile color, paint chip and remodeling product in here.   That’s not the point.   This is not a “showroom” – we have great vendor-partners for that.  It is a place to explore new concepts and imagine what might work in the spaces you call home.  It is a place to see our creative juices at work.  We have installed “embedded” universal design and “aging-in-place” design ideas wherever possible.  These enable you to see and compare ideas.   See if you can spot them!

Maybe you can pick your bath light fixture on the internet, but a skylight?  No way!   What does it really look like installed?   Will it be hot?  How much natural light will it bring in?  Is the bang worth the bucks?  Do I like it?

Seeing is believing, and this is a place to see ideas, play with the cool stuff and see what they might be like in your house!

When you see this symbol:   it means “Try It!”

Features not to miss:


  • Where is the front door threshold? The front door has no threshold, so our physically challenged clients can roll in smooth as butter without a bump. What keeps the draft and critter cooties out?  The door has a unique retractable door bottom that seals when the door is closed and lifts when the door is swung open.  Check it out by opening and closing the door slowly, looking at the small pin at the bottom (hinge side) of the door.
  • The front door looks like mahogany, but it’s really insulated fiberglass.
  • Package shelf on wall by front porch. A convenient place to put a bag of groceries while you fumble for the right key.
  • Inside, the Pella window has internal pleated shades. Try them!
  • Security camera views can be watched from any computer in the office, or anywhere you can get on the internet.
  • Use your elbow. Lever handle locks make it easier to get in if your hands are full.
  • Glass & metal garden lights make the entry pathway safer at night and also enhance the landscaping. These are safely wired, not


  • Plasma TV to see your color, 3-D plans explained.
  • Remodeling Classes with visual presentation will be taught here.
  • We like to design with lots of natural light. The two Velux skylights have remote–operated electric windows and pleated shades.  They even close themselves if it rains!
  • Oceanic slate graces the fireplace surround.
  • Pella windows have internal shades. A variety of colors are available.
  • Pella sliding door. Open it and feel the smooth, substantial quality of Pella. Try the extra security lock on the floor with your foot.
  • Visit the granite bar to sample hot granites and real edge choices.
  • The glass wall shares light but not sound with the upstairs spaces.
  • Wood ceilings are a brand new laminate ceiling material by Armstrong.
  • Central vacuum. Light, powerful and quiet. The switch is on top of the handle. It takes couple of seconds to come on.  See how long the hose goes!
  • Lutron wireless lighting controls! Home and Away controls for safety.


  • Cabinets: Look inside drawers and cabinets for cool accessories.
  • Appliances by Jennaire.
  • Try the Jennaire dishwasher, it so quiet, you have to open it to make sure its running.
  • Granite is “Emerald Pearl” with 1.5” bullnose and undermount sink.
  • Glass rods bring a flood of natural light to the countertop work spaces.
  • Velux Sun Tunnel washes the granite tops with full spectrum light without adding heat.
  • Backsplash: “Look Ma! No switches or outlets!” – for a clean look.
  • Built-in powerful vacuum in baseboard under oven – use your toe!
  • Try the blinds! Pella casement (crank-open) window at the sink and the patio door have internal mini-blinds. These blinds never need dusting.


  • Glass vessel sinks are hot! The prices have dropped dramatically.
  • Unique “waterfall” faucet; single lever makes it easy for people of all abilities to use.
  • Try the stopper! Push once to close, again to open.
  • “Mirror on mirror” idea, very cool.
  • Comfort height toilet (higher than usual, for an easier mount/dismount).
  • Mirror-mounted down-lights accentuate the fabulous green marble.
  • Marble top was a leftover “scrap” from the fabricator’s “bone-yard”.


  • Motion sensing lights turn on mirror lights, which can also be turned on manually for longer periods.
  • Quiet vent fan is on timer so it turns itself off after doing its work.
  • Frameless glass door and panel allow full view of the glass block window and beautiful shower interior.
  • Corner bench is convenient for sitting or shaving your legs.
  • Non-slip tile on floor is required for safety under our company standards.
  • Grab bars don’t have to look institutional! This one is a Moen available at Lowe’s.
  • Lever handles in shower and at sinks are both stylish and easy to use for everyone in the family.
  • Mirror run to ceiling; see how lights mounted on the mirror seem to “float”, and how beautifully the light is reflected filling the whole room.


  • A variety of track lights are the small, low voltage type. Sleek, flexible and efficient
  • Sliding door is a double-insulated Don Young unit with extra Low E coated glass (faces West).
  • Minka ceiling fan shows a mixed media of wood for warmth, and brushed stainless to keep that contemporary feel.
  • “Offset Hinges” allow the door to swing clear of the doorway, widening it for wheelchair access.


  • Garage will be our working cabinet shop.
  • We Recycle: The laminated cabinets you see were pulled from one of our recent kitchen remodels and given new life!
  • Inexpensive fluorescent lights make the garage a brighter, friendlier place.
  • Can you find the Central vacuum unit on the wall? It has a port to use the machine like a wall-mounted shop vac for the garage and to vacuum your car!


  • Way cool view to the show room downstairs.
  • Way cool view to heavens through the Velux Skylights.
  • Way cool walk-out fresh-air deck area.
  • Check out the new bathroom.
  • Undermount sink is maintenance free and sleek.
  • Note the pewter metal tile inserts in floor tile. This is a hot trend.
  • Try the wall controls that operate the lights and fan on this unique ceiling fan. It has lights that shine up on the ceiling (as well as down).
  • New carpet. Looks good. Smells good!
  • New custom wrought iron railings, designed by Dan.
  • Butt-glass!
  • New window coverings.