If you’ve always thought, “My home would be perfect if it just had a [fill-in-the-blank] room,” it’s time to make that dream into a reality. Adding a room, multiple rooms, or a whole new story to your house gives you more living area that’s tailored to your lifestyle while freeing up other spaces.  

Our experienced pros at Legal Eagle Contractors can design and build any kind of home addition you desire that will give you years of enjoyment and add significant value to your property.

Why Legal Eagle Contractors?

Legal Eagle Contractors has been amazing our clients for decades. When you’re adding a new room to your house, you can rely on our team to deliver experienced, professional work that’s on time and on budget. 

That’s why we’ve twice been named Houston Remodeler of the Year by the Greater Houston Builders Association (GHBA), as well as a Better Business Bureau Award for Excellence Winner of Distinction for nine years running. Dan Bawden, our owner, previously served as president of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Remodelers division.

Learn more about Dan and see all our industry awards.

In short, we know remodeling inside and out, and we’d love to bring our expertise to bear on your room addition project. 

Home Additions We've Built

Additions We Can Build

Bedroom Addition

Turning a 3-bedroom into a 4-bedroom is as easy as picking up the phone and calling us. We are master home builders who can add another bedroom to your home in the same style as the rest of the house so that it appears from both the inside and the outside to have always been there. 

Family Room Addition

While virtually all homes have living rooms, a family room poses a space that’s less formal and better suited for kids and games. In fact, you may call it a playroom or game room. However you decide to use this all-purpose room, we can build it to your specs with the features and accents you can use to make long-lasting memories. 

In-Law Suite Addition

One of the most popular room additions in recent years, an in-law suite (or “mother-in-law suite” as it’s sometimes called) is an add-on created specifically for visitors or additional residents who are moving in permanently and are often senior citizens. Based on your needs, we can craft an in-law suite with its own utilities and entrances, and to certified aging-in-place (CAPS) specifications. 

Office Addition

With the ease and popularity of telecommuting today, there’s no reason not to have your own spot in your home for putting in some work hours in peace and quiet (especially given the state of Houston traffic!). Whether you need a small, simple space to work on your laptop or a spacious environment for welcoming clients and hosting meetings, we can customize a modern, convenient office or study for you. 

Learn more about our home office additions, conversions, and remodels.

Porch Addition

For an instant boost in curb appeal, nothing beats a porch. There are many different styles of porches, from basic concrete slab porches to prefab porches to elaborate wraparound decks and expansive verandas. Whatever flavor you’re interested in, Legal Eagle Contractors can build a porch that fits your budget and works with your home’s layout.   

Sunroom Addition

Houston gets a lot of year-round sunshine, but the heat can make it difficult to enjoy. Solution? Sunroom! With windows as large as floor-to-ceiling you’ll be able to soak up rays in perfect comfort. Sunrooms make great attachments to kitchens for breakfast areas or libraries and reading areas next to the living room. 

Learn more about our sunroom building and remodeling services.

Home Gym Addition

Despite your best intentions, sometimes getting to the gym just doesn’t happen with life’s daily demands taking up your time. But when your gym is just steps away from the couch, committing to a healthy lifestyle becomes easier–and more cost-effective–than ever before. Whether you just need a few tweaks to an existing room to do Pilates, or you’re a Crossfit champion looking for a custom workout experience you can’t find anywhere else, Legal Eagle Contractors can design and build a fantastic home gym for you.

Learn more about our home gym additions, conversions, and remodels.

Garage Addition

The garage is arguably the most versatile part of any house, suitable for a virtually limitless number of activities and items. Legal Eagle Contractors can design and build a place for you to store your cars away from the elements, work on arts and crafts projects, host overnight guests or renters, or all of the above. We can advise you on how large it should be, whether you should attach it to your home, how to keep the cost down, and more.   

Learn more about our garage conversions, builds, and remodels.

Room Conversions

If your home currently has a structure that you wish to re-purpose or build out for a different use or just to have more space, we can handle the remodeling construction. It’s often a less expensive way to revitalize your home and make better use of square footage you already have. 

  • Garage: Instead of building a garage from the ground up, converting a garage into an in-law suite, personal gym, workshop, or other room is not as simple as just moving the cars to the driveway. For instance, there’s always the questions of the garage door and the floor (which is typically just a concrete slab). See how we can convert your garage into something new.
  • Attic: An attic renovation from a dusty storage unit to a fresh living space is a wonderful way to utilize pre-existing square footage in your home. This type of project needs skilled craftsmen who can maximize tiny spaces, provide convenient access, and ensure everything is up to code just like the rest of the house. See how we can convert or remodel your attic into a comfortable, stylish new bedroom, rec room, mother-in-law suite, or other space.
  • Porch: Sunrooms, greenhouses, even playrooms and home offices can be added to your home by converting a porch. You won’t lose any yard space by doing so, but you will gain a fun new room to do life in with your loved ones.    

Second Story Additions

When it comes to adding a room to your home, you have the choice between building up or building out. If you’re interested in adding multiple rooms to your home, you may want to consider going up and simply adding an entirely new story. While virtually everything that can be added to the first floor can be added to the second, the project is significantly more involved when adding another story. Unlike with a single room addition, you would not be able to remain in your home while the project is ongoing. 

Click here to learn how adding a second story can give you much more square footage, better views, higher resale value, and more. 

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