Legal Eagle Contractors is a general contractor based in Houston, Texas and serving the Greater Houston area for almost four decades. We help homeowners remodel, renovate, and build everything from small rooms to entire custom homes.

If you’re unfamiliar with general contractors, read on to learn what they are, how to choose one, and why Legal Eagle Contractors is the general contractor of choice for homeowners looking for a reliable, experienced, and friendly team of builders.


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What is a General Contractor?

The name “general contractors” might make you think that we perform “general” construction, but we’re actually closer to being army generals.

A general contractor oversees and coordinates the entire construction project from start to finish, using his background in home improvement and design to inform his decision-making.

The work will be completed under his oversight and direction by either in-house employees of the general contractor, subcontractors, or a combination of the two.

In other words, a general contractor is basically a project manager who is in charge of :

  • materials, tools, and equipment
  • scheduling and timeline
  • quality control
  • permitting
  • subcontractors
  • site safety and cleanliness.


When Do You Need to Hire a General Contractor?

Specialist contractors such as roofers and plumbers are appropriate for jobs that require only one area of expertise (such as installing a new roof or a garbage disposal). 

General contractors become important on work that involves two or more specialties, such as building a pergola that will have both plumbing and a roof, plus lighting, flooring, etc.

Other benchmarks that indicate a need for a general contractor include:

  • an estimated timeline of more than one week
  • the need for permits
  • an estimated cost of more than $500.


Why Legal Eagle is the Best General Contractor in Houston

Because there is no state contractor licensing in Texas, homeowners have to look for other evidence that a general contractor is qualified to handle their project.

Industry organizations are one source, and Legal Eagle Contractors is an award-winning member of one of the most well-known: the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB).

Check Out Our Credentials

View our awards and certifications here

View our member profiles on NAHB.


Fully Licensed and Insured

A general liability insurance cover is hugely important when hiring a Houston general contractor so that you’re not liable for any injuries to the workers undertaking your home construction or remodeling.

You’re also covered in case of damages to your property during the building or renovation works.

Legal Eagle Contractors is licensed and covered by a $1 million General Liability Insurance policy. For every project, we have a copy of this policy sent to you directly from our insurance company, so that you know it’s legitimate and undoctored by us.


Elite Materials Insight and Sourcing

Having been in the residential construction industry for 35+ years, we’ve long since mastered the art of selecting the perfect materials to match our customers’ styles, budgets, household activities, and future plans for the home.

We’re also deeply immersed in the realities of the construction materials market and able to advise you on ways to save money, which products will be the fastest to secure, and more.


Skilled Subcontractors

A general contractor is only as good as its subcontractors, which is why we’re extremely selective in the companies we work with.

We carefully vet and supervise our subcontractors and hold them to the same high standards we have at Legal Eagle.

All electrical, plumbing, and mechanical work is subcontracted to contractors that are fully licensed by the State of Texas.


Streamlined Timeline

We understand you want to have your house “back to normal” (only better than it was) as soon as possible.

We are always upfront and honest about lead times with our customers, and our estimates represent our best efforts getting your project turned around without sacrificing quality.

Our decades-long experience allows us to “see around corners” and identify potential issues before they crop up, which helps keep your project on time and on budget.


Optimum Site Safety

We never compromise when it comes to safety, either for you and your family or for us and our team.

From wearing appropriate eye and ear protection, to proper operation of equipment, to dust control in your home, we use every means at our disposal to ensure the health and well-being of everyone involved and give you peace of mind.


Clear Client Communication

Many of the most common complaints homeowners have with their general contractors involves communication: many of our competitors either aren’t interested in your input, or won’t call you back, or don’t tell you the truth…That’s not how we operate.

From our first meeting with you, we want to establish a two-way communication channel so that we trust each other and pull together to achieve the transformation you’re looking for with your home.

If you have a question or concern, just ask, and we’ll give you a straightforward answer.


Legal Eagle Contractors vs Average Houston Contractor

Most companies don’t have systems and processes like Legal Eagle does. Most are a disorganized mess when it comes to business practices. Find out how we compare to your average Houston contractor in four common scenarios. Learn more.


Legal Eagle Contractors Is a Designer and General Contractor in One

Unlike many general contractors that operate under a design-bid-build model, Legal Eagle Contractors are design-builders. 

This means you don’t have to pay an architect for plans before bringing us onto the project…we can help from the start!

The benefits of working with a design-build firm way include:

  • a single point of contact for you, instead of working with both a designer AND a builder
  • faster, more efficient build process that saves time and money
  • no risk of disputes between architect and builder
  • no burden on you of ensuring design plans are correct.

Design-build vs design-bid-build project delivery structure comparison


Advantages of Design-Build


How Do You Find a General Contractor?

We’re pretty biased when it comes to finding the best general contractor in Southwest Houston. 

For everyone else, we’ve put together a contractor test – 11 questions to ask your potential contractors to weed out unqualified candidates.


Use the Contractor Test