• Legal Eagle Contractors offers a variety of master suite design and construction services.

  • Create your own relaxing and beautiful private retreat.

  • Improve the value of your home and impress potential buyers.

  • Enjoy improved storage by adding a spacious walk-in closet or other similar design features.

  • Consider renovation projects such as adding a private en suite bathroom with top amenities such as a jetted tub or walk-in shower.

  • Redesign your existing room or add space to your structure either upstairs or down.


Love your home but feel your master bedroom is not reaching its potential? Adding a new master suite to your residence is easy and the list of available features is really only limited by your budget and imagination. In fact, this kind of project often provides an excellent increase in property value and can really help with your overall return on investment. Whether you want to create a comfortable and cozy retreat or a luxurious bathroom oasis for relaxing at the end of the day, partnering with Legal Eagle Contractors for your renovation project is simple.

At Legal Eagle Contractors, we aim to provide our clients with the best service possible. Our design team can assist with helping you turn your dream of a perfect master suite into a reality. We offer exceptional customer service, use only top-quality materials, and work hard to ensure your expectations are met throughout the entire construction process. Our overall goal is to help you create the master suite of your dreams while remaining within your budget and staying on schedule.

Be Inspired by These Master Suites We’ve Built

What’s Included in a Master Suite Addition

One of the best aspects to a master suite addition is that there are very few boundaries when it comes to design. If your overall goal is to create a cozy and inviting retreat for you and your spouse, then aspects like a private fireplace and a luxurious en suite are excellent options. Think simple elements like upgraded flooring, a splash of new color on the walls, and increased space plus added upgrades like quality granite countertops or a personal sauna. We can help bring any design style to life, including modern, contemporary, rustic, traditional, and many others to help you create an elegant and relaxing environment.

We also help you take into consideration things like adding a private office area or sitting room, creating laundry access, or improving the overall layout of the space by changing doors or windows. In addition, we aren’t confined to the restraints of your current structure. We’ve helped clients add gorgeous master suites as additions—both upstairs and first floor—to their current homes. In fact, unused attics (learn about our attic conversion services) make excellent areas for including a brand-new master suite.

Other Features for Magnified Comfort

Perhaps the most exciting thing about adding a private master suite to your home is that nearly anything is possible. The number of features available to improve the overall comfort of your space is truly dependent on your needs, dreams, and budget. Even simple things such as natural lighting, storage space, and furniture arrangement can be taken into consideration. The process can truly be as expansive or as minimal as your needs require and our team can assist throughout the process.

We can even add certain design aspects to accommodate living in your home as you age, such as walk-in showers, wider doors, safety bars, roll-out cabinet shelving, and more. And we can help you consider options that you might not have thought about, such as security and technological aspects. Our team has helped dozens of homeowners accomplish these goals and will walk you through the process from start to finish.

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