• Legal Eagle Contractors is a CAPS (Certified Aging In Place Specialist) certified contractor. That means we are aging in place specialists with the proper training and experience to make homes safe and comfortable for those who want to remain at home longer.

    • Our quality workmanship and dedication have allowed us to be a part of NAHB (National Association of Homebuilders). As a part of this membership association, you can expect modern techniques and reliable workmanship.

    • Our contractors are experienced, giving us the ability to offer you unique solutions and effective, one-on-one personalization for every room of your home from the bathroom and living room to the kitchen and bedroom. Trust in our ideas or allow us to help you with yours.

    • We provide modifications to all areas of the house that you need support for, and we provide a full 10-year structural warranty on any builds we complete for you.

  • We provide full design services, plans for you to choose from if you would like to, and all of the modern innovations available to allow you or your loved one to age in place.


You want to use your home for daily living as a senior, but as you get older, you may need a bit of help doing so. At Legal Eagle Contractors, we are committed to helping make your home more comfortable and safer for you. Every function, from eating to dressing, sleeping, and relaxation can be made safer and easier for you to accomplish. We do this with thoughtful design and renovations to match your needs today and well into the future. Aging in place improves your mobility, boosts your safety, and also improves your quality of life.

Our builders work with you on the interior of your home to make it a better fit for your mobility needs including your wheelchair. From ramps to devices, our renovations empower you to live life the way you want to. Some elderly patients benefit the most from bathroom renovations including a new bathtub. With aging in place design, there is no limit to what we can do for you.

We are one of the leading aging in place remodelers in the entire country – our Owner and President, Dan Bawden, helped create the CAPS program which teaches remodelers the skills needed to successfully operate in the growing aging in place market. Dan is one of the leading figures of the aging in place and universal design movement, teaching classes around the country and internationally and discussing the topic on leading online, print, TV and radio media.

Our Owner & President, Dan Bawden, is a national authority on aging in place and regularly provides commentary in the media:

“An assisted living facility costs $60,000 a year and up — or you can spend that amount once and stay in the house you love for years.”

Dan Bawden, quoted in The New York Times. See more of Dan’s publications and media appearances.

Some Aging in Place Features We've Added

Aging in Place Features We Can Add For You

How can you make your home easier to manage and enjoy as you get older? At Legal Eagle Contractors, there is no customization that’s off the table. However, we do offer a few key recommendations based on the services others like you have invested in with great success. Consider a few options.


Eliminate the risks throughout your bathroom. Install a walk-in bathtub or shower without any steps to trip over. Add hand grips along the shower, toileting area, and wall for steady movement through the space. We can renovate the bathroom to add non-slip flooring, easier-to-reach faucets, and simple-to-access doors and drawers. This includes adding wide-entry showers and doors. Bring the shower head down lower so you can easily reach it. And, we can add both slip-resistant flooring and shower seats to make taking a shower far easier for you to do. Consider hands-free or lever-handles that make turning the faucet on and off a straightforward task.


Imagine being able to access each storage area, cook a meal, grab a glass of water and entertain with ease. Modifications to your kitchen may include hands-free or lever-handles that make drawers and doors easy to open. Consider roll-out shelving to replace deep drawers. D-shaped handles are another, easy-to-use option for your drawers. We can adjust the height of your kitchen sink, cooking surface, drawers, and cabinetry. Simple adjustments, such as using a pull-down sprayer within reach can help make it easier for you to access each function of this space.


The exterior of your home requires updates as well. Commonly, this includes adding ramps to allow an alternative to steps. In addition, ramps can help with wheelchair access to your home. We can increase the width of doorways, replace existing handles with easy-to-turn levers. We can also add a canopy over each of your doors, helping to minimize slippery surfaces.


Your bedroom should be a location where you can easily relax and rest. With modifications, we can make that possible. Placing grip bars near the bed can help you to get in and out of bed. We can also adjust the height of the bed to make it easier to access. We can adjust the layout of the bedroom to accommodate a wheelchair or add features to help make it easier for you to navigate from one area to the next. Non-slip carpeting or flooring options may work for you while closet adjustments can mean being able to access each of the shelves with ease.

Other Updates

There are no limitations to you in any area of your home. We can make the laundry room more accessible with easier-to-access fixtures. We can get rid of steps in the home, in some areas, to make it possible to move easily through the space. We can add safety bars in areas of risk when getting up or walking a long distance.


We’ve put together a comprehensive and up-to-date list of the best home modifications for aging in place. See the list!

Homeowners looking to sell their home can use our Accessible Home Checklist to to highlight the accessibility features in their home. The checklist can also be helpful for those seeking or renovating homes to accommodate a person using a wheelchair or persons with other disabilities. Download the checklist.


Why Make Changes Now?

It’s the ideal time to make your home a better fit for you. No matter your age or needs right now, planning for those goals in the long term can make a big difference on your quality of life later. Don’t wait for an accident to happen before you take action. You already know the difficulties of moving around your home. Now is your chance to improve them to minimize those accidents.

Anyone close to retirement age and planning to remodel should use this as an opportunity to do so with aging in place in mind. Our team can offer a variety of solutions to meet your specific needs, or we can offer recommendations based on what others use.

Universal design is a concept of making homes and spaces easier for everyone. Aging in place remodeling goes hand-in-hand with this and has been a growing industry trend for some time. When you work with Legal Eagle Contractors, we ensure these features allow you, and your friends and family, to easily move through your home and enjoy it.


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