Dan Bawden – Guest Posts, Interviews & Media Appearances

Owner and President of Legal Eagle Contractors, Dan Bawden, appears regularly in media publications, commenting on the remodeling industry as a whole and, in particular, aging in place remodeling.

A selection of Dan’s appearances can be found below:


General Remodeling

The ‘new kitchen’ remodel is one of most lucrative renovation projects you can do – Guest post by Dan

AARP: How to Make a Home Safe for Your Aging Parent – Dan quoted

How homebuyers can spot cut corners in the new construction boom – Interview with Dan

Home and Garden News: Expand the Comforts of Your Living Room to the Outdoors – Guest post by Dan

NerdWallet: What You Should Know About Buying a Fixer-Upper – Dan quoted

Yahoo! Finance: 12 Things Homeowners Should Do to Save Money – Dan quoted

NAHB: Dan Bawden Inducted into the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Hall of Fame

Pro Remodeler: Preconstruction Checklist – Guest post by Dan

Remodeling Magazine: Put Clients at Ease by Introducing Them to the Funk Chart – Guest post by Dan

Remodeling Magazine: Declining difficult/red flag clients – Guest post by Dan

realtor.com: Buying a Fixer-Upper? 6 Reasons to Make the Leap

Pro Remodeler: What’s In Your Truck? – Guest post by Dan

RealtyNewsReport.com: Remodeling Surging in Houston – And Around the Nation

Chron: Designing with chemical sensitivities in mind – Guest post by Dan

Chron: GHBA Remodelers Council: Look for signs it’s time to renovate your kitchen – Guest post by Dan

Chron: GHBA Remodelers Council: Tips for a successful kitchen remodel – Guest post by Dan

Chron: GHBA Remodelers Council: Who doesn’t want to recycle? – Guest post by Dan

Chron: GHBA Remodelers Council: Keep chill out, warmth in, at your residence – Guest post by Dan


Aging in Place

The Wall Street Journal: Homeowners Get Ready to ‘Age in Place’

NAHB: What is Design for Independent Living? – Guest post by Dan

AARP: How to Make a Home Safe for Your Aging Parent

AARP: Remodeling a Home to Be a Lifelong Home

The New York Times: Planning to Age in Place? Find a Contractor Now

The New York Times: Choices Give New Meaning to ‘Home, Sweet Home’

The New York Times: Remodeling Now to Avoid Accessibility Problems Later

Texas Home and Garden: Remodeling to Age in Place

Baltimore Sun: With aging population, a gap in home design

NAHB Now: Aging-in-Place Modifications Featured in Museum Display

Farmers: Living with the Parents Again, but Under Your Roof

Today’s Homeowner: How to make homes more accessible for the elderly – Video


Universal Design

Chron: GHBA Remodelers Council: Consider universal design options when remodeling – Guest post by Dan

Texas Home and Garden: Universal Design: Easy Living for All

Remodeling Magazine: How You Can Market and Sell Universal Design – Guest post by Dan


Remodeling After Floods

Scholl Lumber: Flood Catastrophe: 15 Coping Strategies for Remodelers – Guest post by Dan

Chron: Flood aftermath: What do you do? – Guest post by Dan