Accessible & Universal Design

Our extensive experience in building fully Accessible and Universal Design projects enables us to design and build you a custom “home for a lifetime” – no matter what physical or mental challenges you may have in your family. We work with clients of all ages and abilities, to customize safe and comfortable living spaces for the whole family.

What is Accessible & Universal Design?

Universal design is about creating a home for everyone, regardless of age, size, or ability. Universal design features and products make a home safer and more comfortable for a wide range of people. And, as the name implies, universal design fits everyone and every lifestyle including:

  • Families with young children
  • Older adults who want to stay in their home as they grow older
  • People who are taller or shorter than average
  • People who have limited mobility or dexterity
  • People with a permanent or temporary disability

Universal Design Features Checklist

Universal design features are those components of a home that work well for all residents and any guests who may visit. They just make good sense. Having universal design features and products in a home prevents accidents, increases comfort and safety, and enhances residents’ independence.

Read our article that outlines universal design features here.



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