• Legal Eagle Contractors provides architecture, design, and construction expertise in one service.

  • Our trustworthy contractors are dedicated to working with you from start to finish to get each detail just right.

  • We are a design-build firm in Bellaire, TX and serving Soutwest Houston offering numerous residential architectural style options including modern, traditional, urban, luxury, and both single and multi-story homes.

  • Count on superior construction done by top area professionals with years of experience.

  • Our custom homes come with a full 10-year structural warranty.

  • We handle the entire process from demolishing your existing home to building on a new lot.

At Legal Eagle Contractors, our trusted team of professionals can help you build a single story or multi-story home just the way you need us to. We offer spacious, customizable designs allowing you to remain in charge of your home’s build from start to finish. We can build on your lot and help you locate available property for your house.

When you trust us for your contemporary, modern, or other style of home, you’ll appreciate our personal attention to your needs. Our Houston team understands local conditions, the home construction market, building codes and even the soil. We are based in Bellaire and have been building homes in the Houston area for over 35 years.

We ensure your dream features or specific needs are met. Whether you want to build a small home for just the two of you or a sprawling estate for your family, our team ensures affordable, efficient design done by trained, dedicated professionals.

With our process-driven approach, we can minimize risks and improve the outcome for you while also ensuring affordability. Our firm provides architecture, design, and construction expertise in one service, creating a smooth communication process and an easy way to exchange ideas.

Build a new home that fits your needs today and tomorrow. Choose where you want to build, add the features you need, and ensure an outstanding long-term investment for your family. With Legal Eagle Contractors, you can be confident in the services you reserve from our team. Our warranty backs up our ability to provide exceptional services to you.

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A Home Just for You

What does the perfect home bring to mind for you? Buying an existing home means settling for what’s available. You don’t need to do that when you build a custom home with our team. We’ll design and build a home that meets your needs for the rest of your life. This is one of the key things that makes Legal Eagle Contractors so different from other builders in Houston. We design and build with incredible flexibility.

Unlike other residential builders, we provide you with the architects and design team to create your dream home. You don’t have to settle for a handful of available designs to choose from. We believe every home should be unique – just like you and your lifestyle are.

You remain in charge of every detail. That includes the materials for the living room floor, and the layout of your second story. Creating a home like this allows us to ensure your home fits each one of your needs. You’ll be happier with the final outcome, and you’ll cherish your home for years to come.

We can build you a home for the present and the future by incorporating aging-in-place features that allow you to retire and live well there for decades. Still need convincing? Discover more good reasons to build your own home.

How Much Does a Custom Home Cost in Houston?

Custom homes aren’t just for the ultra-wealthy; prospective homeowners with modest budgets can still get into the perfect custom home.

So what does it cost to build a custom home in Houston? Like TVs or cars or many other consumer products, the answer depends on the bells and whistles you’re getting.

We’ve ballparked some figures and provided a cost calculator to help you crunch the numbers: Estimate the cost of your custom home

Built with Energy Efficiency in Mind

As a property owner, you want a home that fits your needs, but it also has to keep your costs low. Today, with new resources available to you, it has never been easier for you to build a home that’s energy efficient. At Legal Eagle Contractors, we build your custom home with the ability to meet or beat Energy Star performance standards. It pays off by protecting the environment and keeping your energy costs as low as possible.

Can you really own an energy-efficient home? The answer to this is yes! We offer a wide range of upgrades and features you can add to your home to ensure it is as energy efficient as possible. With each material choice and design feature, we always consider the efficiency standards. It doesn’t have to be difficult to love just how efficient your home makes you feel.

The benefits of an environmentally friendly home are numerous. You’ll save money on energy costs. You’ll also improve the air quality and, potentially, enhance the health of your family. And, you will do your part in protecting the planet. Energy-efficient homes are stylish, modern, and offer all of the customizations you desire.

Even better, the tools and resources we use always aim to make your home safe for your family. We build in solutions that minimize mold, mildew, and allergens. In each system, we pay attention to these details that define just how healthy your home is for your family.

Reduce Build Time & Stress with a Design-Build Firm – Architectural & Construction Services in One Place

There’s a key advantage to working with Legal Eagle Contractors – you’ll work with a design-build firm capable of streamlining the entire process for you. We handle the architectural work through our design professionals and then use our contractors to complete your project. This allows you to get more out of your budget than you thought was possible.

See the advantages design-build projects hold over the traditional method of construction delivery – design-bid-build.

When you work with a design-build firm like us, there are far fewer limitations and more opportunities for you. It also saves time. This is a faster and more efficient way of building your dream home. 

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