The Top Seven Post-Freeze Home Remodeling Projects

Q: When is the perfect time to remodel?

A: Right after your pipes burst, of course!


Burst water pipe and ceiling damage in kitchen


It may seem counterintuitive, but now is a great opportunity to do some long-awaited remodeling upgrades. After all, contractors are going to be doing work in your home anyway.

Plus, your homeowner’s insurance can defray some of the cost.

Here are the top seven home remodeling projects if you had pipes burst, resulting in water damage:


1. New flooring

This is a chance to change to something different.

2. Re-pipe with “PEX” which has proven pretty-much freeze-proof

3. Kitchen remodeling 


4. Bath remodeling


5. Upgraded insulation in walls and ceiling


6. Interior sheetrock crack fixing and painting


7. Garage upgrades

Epoxy floors, new cabinets, and better lighting.    



I am amazed how many of my existing customers are choosing to “upgrade” from repairs to remodeling after this storm.

Professional remodelers are getting crazy busy now so call us on 713 723 8850 for an appointment – don’t delay!