Murphy – Multi-Room Remodel

Room(s) Kitchen, Office, Master Bath
Project scope Boost resale value and increase functionality

The owner of this home was interested in updating her house, which included a number of aspects that were either outdated, not of much use to her, or both. She wanted to improve the home’s resale value, while in the meantime enhancing the functionality for herself as the only occupant so that she could safely “age in place” there if she ultimately decided to stay for many more years. Making the spaces feel more open was also a priority for her in our remodeling considerations. 

Project Highlights

  • We had to be thoughtful in planning the shower and tub as we were using glass tile, which can chip when cut. By doing so we were able to keep nearly every tile in one complete piece without the need for cutting. 
  • One of our favorite “secret weapons” is Schluter trim, which appears around the tub. These stainless steel strips hide the edges and outside corners of tiled surfaces and prevent the tile from chipping. Schluter trim comes in a wide variety of fits, shapes, and colors, so we can color coordinate with tile and grout and produce a much more elegant finished look than just smearing grout there (as other builders often do!).