Omar – Bath Project

The key points to this scope of work are:

  • Wall hung “tankless” toilet- this allows for a comfortable seating height as well as an easier time for the user to get up from a seated position as they naturally would place their feet under the surface they sitting from in order to get up.. the wall mounted push flush is a nice touch (pun intended)
  • New window
  • Removal of drywall on the ceiling to expose original shiplap above
  • The shower hand controls are located on the opposite wall of the main showerhead, allowing the user turn on and warm up before stepping in – Note the hand held shower head is on a slide bar that also doubles as a grab bar
  • Stylish grab bars are strategically placed in spots were the user would natural reach for getting into or up from the shower
  • Comfort height shower niches
  • Vanity kit allows for additional storage and usage of space
  • Non slip porcelain floor tile