Barkdull – Kitchen Remodel II

Rooms Kitchen and Sitting Area
Project scope Facelift to modern style and open concept

The location is fantastic, but the average age of homes in Houston’s Museum District is nearly 30 years old. The owners of this townhome wanted to update to an open concept while keeping some of the layout in place. We accomplished the former by knocking out the wall between the kitchen and dining room, and the latter with new appliances and fixtures. 

The end result is a much larger-feeling, brighter space with uninterrupted sightlines. 

Project Highlights

  • This project is a great illustration of the fact that you don’t always have to undertake a huge project to get a big transformation. Sometimes simply changing some of the large surface colors and materials can make a big difference for a fraction of the cost of a major renovation. 
  • Quartz is a great choice for countertops as it’s non-porous and more resistant to staining than granite or marble, which means the white will hold up better.