Spellman – Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel

Rooms Kitchen, Bathroom
Project scope Increase storage (kitchen), introduce aging-in-place features


Storage is the name of the game in this kitchen renovation. Like most of its neighbors in this part of Southwest Houston, this home was built over 50 years ago with a small footprint and not a lot of room for food prep, so maximizing  space was key. It was also due for an update in the looks department, which we delivered via crisp and modern white paint cabinets and backsplash and white stone countertops, paired with just enough cool navy blue on the lower cabinets to provide some color. 

Standout features include:



Tucked away behind floor-to-ceiling “hidden” doors with extra-long pull handles, the pantry sports pullout shelves and adjustable height shelves for ultimate customization. 



If you’re tired of hoisting plates of food over your head to get them in the microwave, you’ll want to do what these homeowners did and upgrade to a microwave drawer. It saves major counter or cabinet space, it’s easier to access to take food out or to stir it without removing it from the oven, it’s easier to clean, there are no swinging doors, and the control panel is hideable and lockable.



The mosaic tile accent is the attention-grabber, but don’t overlook the understated class of the brick backsplash that reinforces the “rustic-meets-modern” effect of the farmhouse sink.


Corner Cabinet

This is a neat, custom feature, with its bi-fold door, built-in chase wall for easier access to items in the back, and automatic light. 


Pull-out Shelving

From the spice rack/utensil cabinet to the multiple-direction sliding rack for pots and pans, the pull-out shelving  is the pinnacle of kitchen organization and ease of accessibility. 



The stainless steel sink with deep apron matches the other appliances and makes cooking and cleaning a snap. Underneath, a pull-out shelf offers ample space for storing cleaning supplies. 



A deep, pull-out drawer is sufficiently roomy to house both a trash bin and recycling bin. It also includes a soft close, an LEC staple. 


Improving Accessibility with Aging-in-Place and Universal Design Features

As a leading AIP/UD construction firm, Legal Eagle Contractors always looks for ways to incorporate touches that allow people of all ages to enjoy the use of a kitchen (or any other room), especially seniors and those with limited mobility. Here, this includes:

  • the safer use of the microwave drawer, which eliminates dangerous overhead manipulation of plates of hot food;
  • the ergonomics of the farmhouse style sink, which reduces back strain by removing the need to bend over a countertop; 
  • the extra-long pantry door handles remove the need to turn a doorknob, which those with low grip strength often find difficult.