Why Wintertime Could Be the Perfect Time for Home Improvement Projects

What’s the best season to schedule home remodeling projects? The right answer might depend upon your local weather and the specific project. Still, many homeowners never even consider the benefits of wintertime remodeling. Would you like a chance to save money and time or simply get a remodeling project finished by spring? Take a moment to learn why the coldest season may be the perfect home renovation season for you.

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Home Improvement and Remodeling During the Winter

Besides the season, you should consider the nature of the job. For instance:

  • Outdoor work may depend upon the temperature and other environmental conditions. Naturally, winter weather varies by location. At the same time, some outdoor construction jobs are actually easier during the winter months. For instance, spring showers, summer humidity, and fall storms can threaten and delay many projects. Also, many contractors and suppliers consider wintertime as their off-peak season, so you may find resources more accessible.
  • Indoor jobs may not depend as much upon the outdoor climate. Still, you should consider some other seasonal benefits that can help you get your project completed faster and cheaper. As with outdoor projects, some supplies and even labor may cost less. You may also find that it’s easier to schedule your job promptly during the winter.


Outdoor Construction in the Winter

You might hesitate at the thought of getting outdoor work done during the coldest months of the year. However, this can be a great time to plan a home addition or make structural repairs. If you want to enjoy such new additions as a patio, deck, or other outdoor living space in the spring, it only makes sense to try to get your work completed in the winter. Also, it can take time to draw up plans and get approvals. If you start some projects in the winter, you’ll be ready to begin work in the spring.


Home Additions

Additions often mean structural changes to the house which may require structural reinforcements. Very often, contractors find hard it easier to work with dry, hard, and even frozen ground. Spring and summer weather may make the air humid and earth muddy. This means that a moderate winter can provide your contractor with an ideal time to pour or repair foundations. Also, fairly dry winters can give workers plenty of time to get the frames for new construction covered before spring rainfalls hit. Even better, dry weather means your work can get finished faster because your contracting firm won’t have to call as many rain days.


Attic Jobs

Even though it’s not technically outside, most of you would probably prefer not to venture into your hot, humid attic in the summer. If you plan to turn your unfinished attic or garage into extra living space, workers may find it easier to control the climate when they start the job during colder and drier months.


Inside Remodeling Jobs During the Winter

Of course, many home improvement projects involve work inside climate-controlled houses. In this case, you’re usually not so dependent upon the weather. Still, you might find scheduling wintertime work can help you finish your project faster and in some cases, for less money.


Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling

Contractors usually get the most requests for bathroom and kitchen remodeling jobs in the summer. By scheduling your work in the winter, you may have an easier time moving to the front of the line. For various kinds of projects, you might need approval from your city, homeowners association, and other authorities. One of the easiest ways to get these kinds of approvals expedited is to submit it when they have a shorter queue of requests.


Preventing Drafts

Today’s homeowners want to make their homes as energy efficient as possible. The best time to find drafts and other cold spots in your home is when it’s cold outside. During the winter, you might consider such projects as adding weather stripping, better windows, and attic insulation.


Big Benefits of Winter Home Improvements

Lots of folks wait for the holiday season to take advantage of special shopping deals. Did you know that holiday bargains may also reduce some home improvement costs? Despite the advantages of getting some kinds of home improvement work done during the winter, many contractors consider it a slow season.

You might have an easier time negotiating discounted prices during the winter than you would during their peak season in the spring, summer, and fall. The holiday season might also provide a great chance to take advantage of pre-holiday sales on appliances, home decor, and other things that you will need to buy.

Do you want to remodel your home to increase its market value? Realtors also generally have their peak season in the warmer months. Lots of people wait until their kids finish school for the year before they move. If you schedule your home improvement project during the winter, you can have it completed in time to beat the rush for spring and summer listings.


Potential Drawbacks

Winter remodeling projects may not always be suitable for everyone. For families who want a peaceful holiday season, having contractors demolish parts of the house with saws and drills may not fit that ideal. Conversely, a remodeling job might work well for families who spend the winter holidays on vacation.

Some remodeling jobs may also require the tearing down of drywall and roofs. Winter may not be the best season for more exposure to the elements. 

There are also less daylight hours during the colder months, increasing the chances of delays, particularly for outdoor jobs.


How to Find the Best Wintertime Contractor for Your Home Improvement Project

No matter what time of year it is, look for a contractor that will offer you a stress-free experience. They will listen to you and can offer suggestions about timing your work. In that way, you can maximize your investment and work around your requirements. Though winter offers some advantages, school and the holiday season also make it a busy time of year for many families.

You may need to consider your plans in light of guests, trips, or parties. With the right contractor, you’ll have a chance to cooperate to develop a schedule that will incorporate both your convenience and your expectations for good and timely results.


Get Started With Your Home Improvement Plans Today

Located here in Houston, Legal Eagle Contractors sometimes finds that winter weather on the Gulf Coast is more predictable for certain jobs than it is in the rainy and stormy spring, summer, and fall. Of course, our milder winters are more comparable to fall in northern climates. Still, many of the advantages of wintertime remodeling can benefit people all over the country.

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Article reviewed by Dan Bawden, CAPS, GMB, CGR, CGP, and President of Legal Eagle Contractors.