GHBA Remodelers Council: Increase bathroom storage with these ideas

Floating vanities are increasingly popular and give the illusion of more space. Add hanging towel racks for convenience.

Published on Saturday, August 5, 2023

It’s the one room in our home where we go to get clean, but we tend to let clutter and debris pile up in our bathroom until it feels downright dirty. Here are some creative bathroom storage ideas to help you turn this space back into the functional oasis it was meant to be.

Use cabinet doors as storage

If your bathroom vanity has doors, take advantage of that valuable storage space. Simple over-the-door organizers and command hooks are functional and also look great. If you have a built-in jacuzzi tub you could add storage on the inside of the tub motor access door.

Build an etagere

Etagere is a French word for a self-standing piece of furniture that features a series of open shelves. Etageres come in a variety of styles such as modern and farmhouse and materials including metals, wood and glass.

Add a fabric skirt

Are you embarrassed because your pedestal sink reveals the depths of your disorganization? Rather than stash and stack various items underneath, hide them instead!

Look online for this DYI project. Choose a piece of fabric you love that’s big enough to cover the entire bottom portion of the sink.

This great small bathroom storage idea can make the room look bigger, depending on the specific pattern you choose.

Build a custom storage bench

There’s nothing more whimsical than a window seat in the bathroom. If you have one or are considering it, ask your contractor to create built-in storage beneath the seat or build a new one. You’ll have more room to store extra towels and heavier bathroom items, such as a scale.

Invest in built-in custom cabinets

Work with a professional remodeler to add built-in custom cabinets with specialty drawers. Focus your efforts on the areas above the commode, near the vanity and beside the bathtub, as these are the spots you frequent most often.

Some designers will bring in an old heirloom piece of furniture to act as quirky bathroom storage, but keep its overall footprint in mind. If it’s taking up valuable real estate in your already-cramped bathroom, consider a custom built-in vanity instead.

Lean your ladder

For years, people have leaned antique ladders against their walls for handy storage. Why not take that same idea into your bathroom? Hang your lightweight towels on the ladder to get them out of the way and free up space beneath your sink or linen closet.

Install a shower niche

Install shower niches for soaps, utensils and anything that isn’t damaged by exposure to water. Adding shelves inside niches can be a smart way to double storage space. Quick tip: any shelves should slope down to the shower floor for better drainage.

Install a floating vanity

I’m going to throw this out there, even though it’s technically a way to declutter or add storage and not both, but there’s good reason to mount a bathroom vanity to your wall. A wall-mounted, floating vanity creates the illusion of more space. You can use the area underneath for additional storage, but you run the risk of adding more clutter.

Depending on your budget and time, you can go as big or as little with these bathroom storage ideas as you’d like. Then, once everything is the way it should be, take a picture of the finished product and vow to keep it looking that way for at least a little while.

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By: Dan Bawden