Yarwell – Master Bathroom Renovation

Room(s) Master Bathroom
Project scope Update the style and functionality for users of all ages

This bathroom was original to the home, which was built in the 1960s, and was in serious need of a facelift. In the process of updating the looks, we incorporated several aging-in-place (AIP) features to make the room safe and convenient for the senior owners, as well as guests. 

For example, we widened the doorway to allow for crutches or a walker; we relocated the vanity faucet to be somewhat offset from the back and easier to reach from a seated position; and we switched the old commode to an adjustable height toilet to make things easy on anyone with mobility issues. 

Project Highlights

  • The beautiful vanity countertop stone is often referred to as granite or marble, but it’s actually rainforest green serpentinite. It doesn’t etch or stain as easily as marble, and though granite is still usually a better choice for kitchens, serpentinite works very well in a bathroom and looks phenomenal.
  • The skylight above the toilet area was a unique way to utilize a shaft that was created during the addition of a second story to the house. We lined the shaft with mirrors and illuminated it with an LED strip in the office 7 feet above it. Light shines down through a glass block window that’s in the stairwell, so it also lights the stairwell, then it also gently pushes light into this room round the clock, and so we have dubbed it the “24-hour skylight.”