Sanford Aging-In-Place

This compact Master bath carries an abundance of features suitable for aging in place, from a roll-up-to sink to a curbless shower, multiple grab bars and slip-resistant tile. As a tub conversion, one could not tell from the shower’s spaciousness (see other photos) that this warm and welcoming bathroom was ever anything but accommodating. Note the white pipe under the sink and watch in other photos for a storage solution you perhaps have never seen!

Akin to the kitchen work triangle, this Master bath space accommodates all kinds of ambulatory assistance within a short radius, from commode to roll-up sink to curbless shower with mitered bench, all user-friendly with their own grab bars. The centered shower drain assures proper drainage with appropriate yet subtle slope. Aesthetically, an interesting sink shape, the rich, warm tiles in different sizes, and the vine mosaic accent tile lend a beautiful touch to this functional space.

When you wish to hide the plumbing under this roll-up sink, a clever bit of cabinetry has been designed to fit easily into place and maintain the storage space usually present under the sink.

The Aha! moment arrives as you are able to witness the portable cabinet face with storage component being inserted into place. Designed to fit around the existing plumbing underneath the sink, the unit allows you maximum flexibility when deciding how to use the space.

Ultimately, you are able to use this sink area as a fully functioning cabinet with storage and doors for resale appeal, in addition to the flexibility of removing it for wheelchair access. Note the extra-high toe kick that traverses the entire bathroom.

A close-up of this curbless shower reveals a multitude of universal design features, like strategically-placed grab bars, a hand-held showerhead and levered control near to the mitered bench, two shampoo niches for sundries at both standing and sitting heights, and slip-resistant porcelain tile. All of this function is packed into a very tasteful setting, comfortable and inviting.

Tucked away behind an unassuming cabinet door lies a lot of space (and well-lit) for medicines, vitamins, etc. in this custom-designed rendition of the old medicine chest. This compact bathroom packs in a lot of bang for the square foot!