Driscoll – Whole House Renovation II

Rooms Master Bathroom, Master Bedroom, Kitchen, Living Room, Entryway, Hallway
Project scope Modernize the style of a 3-story luxury condo and make it liveable long-term for a senior couple
Award 2019 Chrysalis Awards for Remodeling Excellence

Aging-in-place was the goal for these homeowners in their 60s who hoped to make this multi-story condominium their “forever home.” They knew they wanted to update the kitchen and living room, but they wished to wait on redoing the master bath. But their desire for an elevator necessitated remodeling the bathroom, too, because the elevator would’ve opened into the shower!

Project Highlights

  • Installing the new elevator was a labor-intensive undertaking. We had to reframe the floor and ceiling between the second and third stories, replacing beams and other supports that had previously transversed there. But the owners were delighted with the finished product, which won a Chrysalis Award for Remodeling Excellence in 2019.
  • The exterior of the house at the kitchen had had bad stucco installed that let in water, termites, and other damaging factors that we had to repair. 
  • To place the TV over the fireplace, we added blocking in the walls to which we could attach the mount so that it was secure and ran the cables to preserve the pristine look of the setting. 
  • The homeowners got a preview of how the new, open-concept kitchen would look thanks to the 3D virtual software we employed in the design. We took out a wall and installed a beam in the ceiling, allowing an uninterrupted view from one end of the second floor to the other. 
  • It’s not pictured, but to resolve the problem of poor storage in the master bedroom, we took the front walls off of the room’s two small closets and built new, tall custom storage cabinets and drawers in the same spaces.