Montrose Kitchen

A classic example of the small galley kitchen, this photo highlights the juxtaposition of rich, dark woods and the reflective surfaces of stainless steel and glass. Note the pass-through window that allows light, food and conversation to flow between adjoining rooms. Photo: Dan Bawden

The rich bank of wood cabinets to the right, and those surrounding appliances and sink, are brightened by the warm, soft tones of coordinated granite counters, small tile format of the backsplash, and terrazzo flooring. Note the clean lines and uncluttered surfaces of this thrifty loft kitchen. Photo: Dan Bawden

Maximizing counter space while providing all of the essentials resulted in this compact and useful space in which the curvilinear styling of the cooking appliances draws the eye to their distinctiveness. Note the quasi-pixelated tile of the backsplash. Photo: Dan Bawden