Manorwood – Kitchen Remodel

Room Kitchen
Project scope Update for less clutter and more style

The kitchen in this home in southwest Houston had become as dated as it was cluttered and needed help with both issues. Much of the clutter found its way onto the raised bar, which is very common and which we always flatten on these types of jobs to allow a better line of sight into the breakfast area. 

The pantry wasn’t much help, as it sloped under a stairwell and quickly became cramped. We reworked the pantry (not shown in the pictures) and gave the owners a trash pullout and a lot more drawers for storage, a universal design element, as well as a few other touches described below.

Project Highlights

  • The sink wall has no source of shade to protect it from the sun, so it was always hot in the summertime. While we had the wall open, before placing sheetrock, we sprayed closed-cell polyurethane insulating foam by Icynene. Closed-cell foam can block extreme temperatures twice as well as open-cell foam and even boosts the structural integrity of the wall because it’s so rigid when cured. 
  • The new flooring is a gray wood-look tile with liner striations. Tile is another universal design element due to its slip resistance, while being less expensive than hardwood.
  • In addition to their sleek look, the D-shaped drawer pulls are also the most universal option because they’re the most convenient for the widest range of people.