Carlon – Exterior Renovation

Room(s) Exterior
Project scope Clean facade and revitalize features

This home in the high-end City of Southside Place on the west side of Houston was just as gorgeous as its neighbors, but in need of serious maintenance on the exterior. We tackled a number of problem areas that had probably not been addressed since the home was built in the mid-’80s. The end result was a lovely red-brick home restored to full living color.

Project Highlights

  • Pressure-washing brick must be done carefully to prevent damage. We used a low setting to avoid delaminating the bricks, which would likely cause them to begin crumbling after a year or two as water began to permeate them.  
  • We used a high-quality varnish on the front door, but even it will need to be maintained to keep it looking brand new. By simply cleaning the door, lightly sanding off the outer coat, and applying a new coat, the owners won’t need to wait for their next major exterior cleaning to enjoy its beauty.