Kellicreek – Pergola

Room Backyard Patio
Project scope Create back porch shade and add an outdoor kitchen

In Houston, a little sunshine goes a long way. This home’s owners wanted to enjoy their patio by the pool, but the area was absolutely hammered by the sun with no real means of hiding from it. The metal grill would be too hot to touch, and meals at the outdoor table were basically out of the question most times of the year. 

So they wanted a low-maintenance, cost-effective way to cool off the area without losing all the rays on that side of the house that included a new outdoor kitchen.   

Project Highlights

  • This was an especially big pergola, measuring in at 30 feet long and 12 feet wide. 
  • In addition to its elegant looks, rough cedar is rot-resistant, durable against wind, rain, and sun, and naturally insect-resistant. 
  • The limecoat used on the column bases and the back of the grill is a significant cost-saver compared to flagstone, and it stands up beautifully to the elements over time.