Second Story Additions

When your home is starting to burst at the seams, but you have too many memories to leave, adding a second story is a great option. This is a great way to add square footage to the home that means so much to you and your loved ones.

We have decades of experience with adding second stories to homes through detailed designs that work with your home’s existing layout.

Adding a Second Story Addition is the perfect way to add square footage and new function to your home, especially if your home is in the 100 year flood plain. By “building up” you avoid all the hassles of having a high foundation just to make the City happy. During our Design+Build Process (see video) we figure out for you where to put the stairs and how to lay out the new rooms upstairs, so the finished product looks like it has always been there. We match rooflines, windows brick, stucco and siding, so it all looks seamless, well planned and “loyal” to the original architectural style.

Room Additions – 3 Top Reasons To “Improve” Rather Than “Move”

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Some Second Story Additions We've Built

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