Maximizing space is the name of the game for many homeowners today, which is why they’re rediscovering the huge potential of the humble garage. A two-car garage offers significant, pre-existing space to either repurpose through a conversion or remodel, or expand with new construction. 

Whether you’ve got bare ground you’ve earmarked as the site of a brand new garage or an in-depth garage renovation in mind, Legal Eagle Contractors is ready to design and build your vision into reality.    

How Legal Eagle Contractor Helps

Consider this example: When updating your Houston garage, you might be tempted to tap into your main house’s air conditioning by running a duct to the garage. But did you know that this creates abnormal pressurization in the garage (since there’s no air return), which may cause the house to suck in air from outside–along with allergens and pollutants–to relieve the pressure? It may also invite chemical off-gases, car exhaust, and other toxic fumes into the house from the garage, as well as make cooling the house much more difficult and costly.

In short, construction is what we do. It’s our job to know garage conversions and all other types of home remodeling inside and out, so that we can help you maximize the enjoyment of the place you spend your days. 

Our in-house architect/structural engineer will guide the design, secure all necessary permits, and guarantee safety. Our expert builders can advise you on how much space you need to add for your desired activities, which flooring works best for your needs, what exterior materials last the longest, and a thousand other questions that come up during a remodeling project. But how much input we provide is up to you–if you know exactly what you want, we’re happy to receive our marching orders. 

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Why Choose Legal Eagle Contractors?

Legal Eagle Contractors is an award-winning residential remodeling company founded by an award-winning homebuilding expert, Dan Bawden. We have become a trusted provider of construction, repair and maintenance, and home improvement work during our nearly 40 years serving the Greater Houston community. A Legal Eagle project is immediately recognizable for its friendly, professional crew, quick turnaround, and incredible looks once completed.

We’ve twice been named Houston Remodeler of the Year. Check out some of our other awards.

Garage Conversions – Considerations

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Like any conversion project, converting a garage is generally a quick and inexpensive way to create living space. With the foundation, framing, and roofing already in place, there’s less structural work that must be done. 

There are several things to consider when repurposing a Houston garage. Climate is a big one, given the heat we’re accustomed to; insulation will probably need to be added, and likely some kind of air conditioning (see our example above) and/or windows. As heat and cold pass right through the garage door, it may be best to replace it with a permanent wall (if you’re committed to the garage conversion). 

Electricity and plumbing may need to be added, enhanced, moved, or covered if there are exposed pipes or wires. As most garage interiors aren’t designed with style in mind, the drywall, ceiling, and decoration may need some attention. If a second story is to be added, we’ll need to examine the foundations to ensure they can safely support the added weight. 

Popular Garage Conversion Options

Odds are you already know what activities you want your converted garage to be able to house. But if you know only that you want a change, and need some inspiration, these are some of the options that other homeowners have selected:

Master bedroom/master suite






Home theater


Family room


Game room


“Man cave”


Guest house




Second story addition (for single-story garages)


Home office








New Garage Builds

It’s not uncommon for older Houston homes to have no garage at all. For these customers, and those who want to build an extension onto an existing garage, either out or up with a second story, Legal Eagle Contractors can do a new build. This could be a standalone/detached structure, or an attached build that’s integrated into the existing home. Either way, Legal Eagle will build the garage to match the design of the existing house. 

Each option has its pros and cons, and which you choose may be by necessity, depending on where you live. Unless you have a lot of property, building a garage out from the house may be all you have room for, and it’s typically a simpler process, as well, since there’s walls and other structures already in place to utilize. Detached garages can provide more space and privacy, but some HOAs don’t allow them and they require building from scratch.     

Garage Remodels

Garage to gym conversion under construction

Photo credit: orion

How about converting your garage into…a better garage? After all, there’s something to be said for keeping your car out of the elements (especially in Houston), and having a place to store tools, bikes, golf clubs, chemicals, etc., but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the space more functional or stylish.

A garage remodel could include:

  • additional and space-saving storage
  • new wiring for TV(s), audio, home security, ceiling fans, convenient outlets, or better lighting
  • upgraded flooring, such as epoxy coating, rubber tile, vinyl, or stone
  • climate control with insulation work
  • fresh paint or new wall paneling
  • replacing the garage door
  • installing a smart garage door opener

The options are virtually endless and allow you to get a revitalized garage without breaking the bank!

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