What 3D Design Can do for You

Whether you are dreaming about a new summer kitchen, a spectacular kitchen remodel or a new custom home, you already have images in your mind’s eye of what things should look like. The trick is to make sure that what we actually bid on & build, comes out matching those images.  Few people can “see it in 3D from plain ol’ blueprints on a page.

The marvelous thing about our 3-D design process is that those images in your head get magically re-created on paper, and easily shared and viewed between all the stakeholders in your project – homeowner, builder, subcontractor and the City.  It is as much an “art” as a “science” to do this.  Not many companies do this well.

We craft designs that will satisfy and excite you – and that are realistically buildable by design-build contractors like Legal Eagle.  We set a “Budget Target” that has your blessing before we start the work, so you don’t end up with plans that are way out of your budget.

  1. The Plan-making process is broken down into four parts:The Design Agreement.  After meeting with Dan to discuss the scope of your project, we send you a Design Agreement.  This is a separate document from the construction contract and does not obligate you to do the construction.  Think of it as the first “baby step” in the remodeling process.
  2. The Conceptual Plan Set is next. This is where aesthetics, organization, and dimensions are roughed out showing you the New Plan.  We create the “before” plan 1st, then create the new look. Tip: It really helps us if you have collected pictures of the “looks” and styles you like ahead of time.   See lots of great, free information, including our work, on Houzz.com.  Save your images in an “Ideabook” for each room, and email it to us.). Once the conceptual design is refined, we can use it to produce a Preliminary Estimate.  When you approve that estimate we then develop the “Construction Set”.
  3. The Construction Plan Set is a set of additional technical pages, required by the City for Permitting.  This set shows things like structural beams, lumber grades & dimensions, the framing plan, etc.
  4. The Construction Contract.  Lastly, we do the Construction Contract.  We first look over the Construction Set and see if anything special there needs to be added to the Estimate.  We then produce the detailed Specifications that complement the plan, and have our in-house Designer coordinate all of your selections for fixtures, appliances tile, stone etc.
  5. Once the Contract is signed, we create a schedule, do a Pre-Construction Checklist meeting with you, and get construction underway!  Very exciting!