8 Good Reasons to Add a Floating Vanity to Your Bathroom

When it comes to maximizing the space in your bathroom, every square inch counts. 

That said, have you ever considered how much room your traditional vanity uses up? Did you know there’s a better way to design that part of the room?

What started as a minimalist design statement soon blossomed into a movement as homeowners decided to take those wooden boxes off the floor and nail them to the wall instead, creating a floating vanity.

Today, we’re sharing a few of the top reasons why this is a smart move to make. 

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Bathroom floating vanity


1. Amplify Your Space

An uninterrupted floor surface makes any room look instantly brighter and airier. This is especially the case if you opted for heavy, bulky cabinetry when you first bought or built your house. 

It will surprise you to see how much bigger your bathroom feels with just a few inches of space underneath your cabinets. This can be a real game changer for small bathrooms especially (see even more space-saving ideas). To fake even more room, create a neutral, monochromatic color scheme among your flooring, cabinets, and walls. This helps the vanity disappear into the wall, adding to your aesthetic.


2. Accommodate a Range of Heights

When you select a standard vanity, you’re limited on the different height options available for that piece. Unless you hire a custom builder, yours could wind up being too tall or too short.

If it’s too tall, your children might not be able to reach it. If it’s too short, you could pull out your back just trying to bend down and wash your hands. 

You can overcome the problem by installing a wall-mounted vanity at any height you choose!


3. Clean More Easily

Any homeowner knows that cleaning the bottom of a bathroom vanity is one of the most laborious chores around. Cosmetic products, such as hairspray, build up on the surface, along with loose hair, dirt, and mildew. 

When you install an off the floor bathroom vanity, you can keep that area cleaner, easier. Tidying up is as simple as running a mop underneath the bottom! No more working around cumbersome corners or stubborn baseboards. 


4. Add Extra Storage

Especially if your home is on the smaller side, you need to maximize every square inch of space you have. With floating bathroom cabinets, you can leave enough space under your vanity for extra storage. 

Add decorative baskets in this spot and fill them with towels, toiletries, and toilet paper. This is an ideal way to disguise these necessities while keeping them within close reach.


5. Flex Your Design Muscles

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all floating vanity installation. Depending on the size of your bathroom, the features you want, and your personal design style, you can customize this unit to fit your needs.

This means they work just as well in a large bathroom as they do in a tiny one. You can add individual compartments as desired to change up the look. If you want your bathroom to stand out from the others on your block, this is a perfect way to make it all your own.


6. Ideal for Radiant Heat

Are you undergoing a custom build or a remodeling project? If so, one important decision to consider is how you’ll heat your new home. If you’ve read about the benefits of radiant heat, you might consider going that route.

More efficient than baseboard and most forced-air heating systems, and gentler on allergy sufferers, radiant heating can be a great way to keep your family warm. When you float your vanity, you’ll be able to enjoy it even more!

Imagine standing at your bathroom sink in the morning and feeling the heat radiate from the floor without a bulky vanity blocking it. In fact, if we add radiant heating in our bathroom remodeling jobs, we insist on installing floating or free-standing vanities. Not only does it protect cabinets from heat damage, in many cases not doing so could void the warranty on the radiant heat cables.


7. Highlight Your Tile Work

Your bathroom is a great place to show off intricate tile work or gorgeous cultured marble surfaces. When your vanity takes up half the wall, you miss an opportunity to put those materials on full display.

A floating countertop frees up that space and allows you to extend the tile all the way to the floor, adding to its appeal.

The extra space is also a great way to break up a monotonous wood-on-wood decor scheme in your bathroom. All of that grain can weigh a room down and make it look too heavy, so even a small opening can make a major difference. 


8. Streamline Your Sink

When you invest in a floating wall, sink, and floating vanity combination, you help streamline your bathroom design. This gives it a modern and minimalist aesthetic that looks effortlessly cool.

An added perk? When your sink is smooth and simple, you can cast the spotlight on your other nearby all-stars, like that shiny chrome bathtub faucet or those gorgeous wall sconces. 


Install a Floating Vanity You’ll Love

A standard vanity will always look classic and traditional. Yet, when you want to inject a little personality into your bathroom, a floating vanity can be a great alternative.

More customizable, practical, and easier to clean, it’s also a quick way to inject your personal sense of style into your space.

If you’re ready to add one to your home, give us a call.

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Article reviewed by Dan Bawden, CAPS, GMB, CGR, CGP, and President of Legal Eagle Contractors.