Top 12 Reasons to Use 3-D Design for Your Remodeling Project

  1. You get to see what all your new rooms will really look like before  any construction begins.
  2. View everything shown to scale and in color – so you can really visualize your dream changes.
  3. See the new spaces with your furniture – couches, beds, etc. and your colors and granite- for a true photo-realistic preview.
  4. Fast turn-around.  From the time we first meet with you on-site, we present the plans to you on a big-screen TV in our office 2- 3 weeks later — not months later |
  5. We give you free “Client Viewer Software” so you can explore your plans to your heart’s content.
  6. We give you more details than a traditional architect will ever give you.   For example, our “before” plans importantly show the locations of existing A/C registers.  Remodelers need that information to do an accurate bid and avoid costly surprises for you later.
  7. We can make corrections and revisions to the plan on the computer before construction begins.
  8. Prevents costly mistakes – it’s much cheaper to get it right on the computer first!
  9. Speeds up the Permitting process – City officials can quickly grasp the nature of your project.
  10. Expert use of sophisticated software – we partner with well-known space planner and Chief Architect expert, Katy Fernandez to help us with our plans.  She produces amazing results!
  11. You get “Before” and “After” plans – and you get to keep the plans for your records.
  12. The final plans are true architectural construction drawings  that the City can approve for permitting and construction.

You end up with Plans of your Existing Home – always handy to have.