• Looking for a fresh new setting for dinner parties? 
  • Trying to make do with a grill, a propane tank, and an umbrella?  
  • Getting sunburned while having a snack in between dips in the pool? 
  • Tired of steaming up the kitchen making something hot in the oven?

Building a Houston outdoor kitchen is an incredible way to transform the mundane tasks of cooking and eating into an adventure! A professionally designed and built outdoor kitchen can serve as a food prep space, dining area, and social hub for the house, all in one. It’s one of the most rewarding home improvement projects you can undertake, both in your own enjoyment and in the positive effect on your home’s resale value. 

Legal Eagle Contractors are experienced contractors who can create an outdoor kitchen for your budget, exactly to your needs and lifestyle, that meshes seamlessly with your backyard.  

How We Help

Engaging pros like Legal Eagle Contractors to handle your outdoor kitchen job might save you from a major headache, such as using quartz instead of quartzite that ends up yellowing after exposure to the elements. Of course, since cooking surfaces are typically involved, there’s much graver risks such as forgetting to install an insulated jacket and vent panels around your built-in gas grill. Big no-no! 

In short, there are countless ways we add value to your remodeling project, from keeping everything safe and up-to-code to advising you on the visual appeal and usability of the space. Our in-house architect/structural engineer will guide the design and secure all necessary permits. But we want you to have as much of a hand in your kitchen’s creation as you’re comfortable having; you’re the boss! 

Why Choose Legal Eagle Contractors?

Legal Eagle Contractors is an award-winning residential remodeling company founded by a well-known homebuilding expert, Dan Bawden. We have become a trusted provider of construction, repair and maintenance, and home improvement work during our nearly 40 years serving the Greater Houston community. A Legal Eagle project is immediately recognizable for its friendly, professional crew, quick turnaround, and incredible looks once completed.

We Took These Backyards to the Next Level

Outdoor Kitchen Design Considerations

You’re welcome to craft your outdoor kitchen however you like, but usually, it comprises a few key components: a built-in gas grill, cooktop, storage cabinets, prep area with sink and counters, and possibly an island. We will run all the necessary plumbing, but you’ll need to think on your preferences regarding aspects such as: 


Most Houston outdoor kitchens will work best with a roof of some kind to provide shade from the Texas heat and keep the rain out, as well as to hold an overhead fan, lights, and other electronics. This could mean a pergola, patio cover, cabana, or other type of structure, which can be free-standing or an extension built onto the home.

Your culinary tastes:

Love grilled food? You may want a gas grill as well as a charcoal grill, and maybe a smoker or flat-top griddle. Prefer Italian? Imagine having your own pizza oven. Or maybe you want to eat lighter and want to skip the grill altogether and use the outdoor kitchen as more of a dining area; it’s all possible.


Few homeowners ever wish their outdoor kitchen was smaller, but how big to make it depends largely on how you want to use it. The largest outdoor kitchens are for cooking, hosting, and eating comfortably. But you can save space–and costs–by installing only features you know you’ll use. 


Most Houston outdoor kitchens revolve around the grill, and you’ll want one large enough to be worth the trouble, probably at least 500 square inches of cooking area. A refrigerator is another appliance people love having, to save a trip back inside for a cold drink when your food is already hot and ready to eat. We’ve listed additional accessory options below to help get your creative juices flowing…the sky’s the limit!


We can provide insights here, as certain materials don’t stand up well to the elements, especially fire. Brick, metal, and stone are good options for the grill area, and stainless steel for the appliances. Flooring should be something non-slip, such as ceramic tile or concrete, which can be colored or finished for a nicer look. If you’re going for a particular theme, we can source the perfect materials to create the desired atmosphere, such as handcrafted decorative tiles for Spanish Colonial, or adobe for a Southwest flair.

Popular Outdoor Kitchen Styles and Options

From designs inspired by Tuscan villas to Hawaiian thatch-roof tiki bars, your outdoor kitchen style options are diverse and a great opportunity to have some fun with one aspect of your home design. Add in the almost endless variety of cool features, such as…

Wine coolers

Pizza ovens

Wet bars


Garbage disposals

Warming drawers

Fireplaces and fire features

Roasting spits

Retractable shades



…and you’ve got the recipe for your new favorite spot on your property. So whether you want a no-frills open-air kitchen where you can focus on grilling, or a resort-worthy pergola where you can lounge the day away, we can help you achieve your vision. 

Outdoor Kitchen Remodels

Oftentimes DIY-minded homeowners will tackle an outdoor kitchen project and focus on the utility, making the final product useful but not exactly magazine-worthy in the looks department. If you already have an outdoor kitchen and you (or your significant other) are just not satisfied with the setup, or it’s in need of some updates, we’re happy to help turn it into a space that’s both practical and stylish. 

An outdoor kitchen remodel could include:

  • building a roof over an open-air kitchen
  • replacing a built-in grill or smoker
  • adding a pizza oven or fire feature
  • adding an island or bar area or upgrading countertops
  • running wiring for TV(s) and audio, security cameras, ceiling fans, convenient outlets, or better lighting
  • installing new flooring
  • creating openings for new appliances such as a power burner or fridge


So don’t write off that outdoor kitchen; let Legal Eagle Contractors upgrade it and make it the envy of your “other” kitchen!

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