So you need more living space in your house, but don’t have room to build out? Then consider building up! As expert design-builders, Legal Eagle Contractors can convert or remodel your attic into a comfortable, stylish new bedroom, rec room, mother-in-law suite, or other space.  


How We Can Help

Attics are an afterthought for many homeowners, just a place to stash old photo albums and Christmas decorations.

So you may think you can just throw up some flooring and wall paneling and start moving in furniture.

But did you know that in Houston, building codes require that at least 50% of the room have a ceiling of at least 7 feet? And the temperature must be able to be maintained at 68 degrees? And the minimum window space required is at least 8% of the usable space?

Making sure you meet all the necessary standards so that your new room is safe is just one of the ways Legal Eagle Contractors makes an attic conversion a successful undertaking. 

Our experienced remodeling pros assist you in designing the perfect space for your applications, advising you as much or as little as you like regarding factors such as material types, architectural styles, current trends, and aging-in-place and universal design features. 

Skylight with view of blue sky from attic conversion

Windows must make up a minimum of 8% usage space in attics. Credit: Andrea_44

Wall insulation in unfinished attic conversion

Livable attics will typically need further insulation. Credit: Brett and Sue Coulstock

Why Trust Legal Eagle Contractors?

We are award-winning residential remodelers who have provided construction services to Houston-area residents for over 35 years.

From bathroom remodels to room additions to whole-house renovations, Legal Eagle has performed virtually every type of home construction project, large and small.

Our founder, Dan Bawden, is a past Chairman of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Remodelers division and a leading figure in aging-in-place (AIP) and universal design building, which promote the inclusion of home features that can be used by young and old alike.

Want to see what we can do? Explore some of the many beautiful Legal Eagle projects.


Factors of Attic Conversions to Consider

As we’ve mentioned, finishing an attic can be tricky due to all the safety requirements, plus there are the practical issues of living in a space that wasn’t originally designed to be lived in. 

For example, access is a key consideration: you’ll probably want a fixed stairway up to the new space. You’ll need to decide if you prefer a traditional staircase or a space-saving spiral staircase. 

Electricity is another important factor. There may be significant amounts of wiring in your attic currently, but almost none of it to actually power the attic itself! In addition to rerouting and hiding all of this, you’ll need outlets and lines to run lights, a ceiling fan, possibly a TV, and other items. 

Of course, you’ll need air conditioning lines and vents, and likely more windows for extra ventilation and daylight, with dormer windows being very popular choices for attic conversions. 

In addition, there are questions of whether to include a bathroom, carpet versus hardwood flooring, inspecting your roof for integrity from the elements, maximizing your storage and seating space with recessed shelving or built-in seating, and more. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly how you want your new space to look; at your initial consultation, we’ll guide you through all these considerations and develop a plan for crafting a room you’ll love.    


Common Attic Conversions

Attics do have some limitations, but when done correctly, an attic conversion can transform an unfinished afterthought of a space to one of many different types of rooms, including:  

Guest suite


Home theater


Family room


Rec room


Walk-in closet


Game room


“Man cave”


Apartment loft


Home gym


Home office


Library/reading nook


Craft room or workshop


Attic Remodels

If you decide you don’t want to go all the way to finishing an attic into a habitable room, another option is to do a smaller remodel project that consists of a few minor-to-medium-sized improvements. This could mean relocating a water heater, adding subflooring, skylights, or insulation, or building more storage areas. Basically, you’ll get a space that’s more convenient for storing things, you just won’t be able to live up there. 


Benefits of an Attic Conversion

Legal Eagle Contractors is happy to do home additions, but they’re not an option in every situation. Converting an attic is great because it allows you to gain an extra living space without building onto your home…almost like magic! 

Other great benefits of attic conversions include…

  • Increase the value of your home by increasing the living space
  • Save money on a home addition
  • Earn extra income by converting an attic to a rentable room
  • Stay in your home longer by crafting a room that helps meets your needs


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