Top 10 Covid-Driven Changes on Your Remodeling Project

What Legal Eagle Contractors Is Doing to Protect Your Family During the Pandemic


Remodeling is on the list of federally-approved essential businesses, so many people are using increased time at home to tackle long-awaited projects. Now’s a great time to remodel!

We ensure our remodeling projects adhere to best health and safety practices through the following:

  1. Our Project Managers carry no-touch electronic thermometers to regularly check the temperatures of both the trades working on the job and the owners (with their consent).
  2. Reducing frequency of having more multiple trades working onsite at once to facilitate distancing. This slows down production on the job, but we feel it is worth it.
  3. Trades on the jobs and office employees must regularly wash their hands or apply hand sanitizer. The company provides these on the job site.
  4. Coordinating on a daily basis with our clients to “stay out of our client’s way” during construction.
  5. Having workers wear masks in the presence of our Project Managers, you the owner, and other trades that might be on the job.
  6. Disinfecting doorknobs and other frequently touched surfaces with disinfectant wipes at the end of the workday.
  7. Installing more plastic temporary walls than usual, to hermetically isolate work zones.
  8. More frequent use of Build-Clean dust control machines and placing window exhaust fans on kitchen and bath remodels to create a “negative draft”.  This removes not only more dust but also airborne virus particles, in the event anyone is infected but is asymptomatic.
  9. Office visits; temperatures of everyone who enters our office are taken. Masks are required when all visitors, trades and our clients come in.
  10. In our office/showroom, pump hand sanitizer bottles are placed in the reception area and kitchen areas, since these are frequently visited and toured by clients.


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