Yarwell Bath

Rich, warm colors saturate this guest bath that holds many elements of universal design in addition to the beauty of its aesthetics. The counter marble creates the shelves of the shampoo niche. Attractive grab bars, hand-held shower head, custom shampoo niche, levered handles and a push-button toilet round out the features of a universal design bathroom.

A wall-hung toilet leaves more floor space, and visually, the wall-mounted push-button flush contributes to the feeling of a larger space without a tank. The accent tile wainscoting traverses the room, unifying the space and lending increased depth to the color palette.

Widening the doorway for accessibility also created an opportunity to carry the rainforest green marble down onto the floor at the threshhold, setting the stage for entrance (and exit) of this compact beauty.

To achieve this special effect, silvering was removed and the back edge was also beveled to allow the back-lit illumination to shine on through! See the other photo to appreciate the full effect.

Hovering over the gorgeous rainforest green stone and glass/tile backsplash, the edges of this special mirror were treated to allow the light to emanate from behind the mirror as well as the frame. Notice that the over-mirror fixture is not on.

Featured above on the ceiling is a special vent/light combo, which is on night light mode in the photo. The manufacturer (Panasonic Luna) asserts that it is a special blue light that minimizes awakeness when one must sojourn forth during the night.

This former window has become a beautiful focal point for the space, featuring down-lighting, a river rock back wall, glass shelves, and a rainforest green bottom shelf. The mixed -media accent trim consists of square glass blocks inside ceramic tiles with a travertine stone pencil liner trim. Please note too the attractive grab bar that doubles as a towel bar by Invisia.