Westbury – Sanford I Bath

Photo: Dan Bawden

Across from the shower stands this gorgeous hand-carved bank of wood cabinets, contrasting with a large field of river stone in vertical application. The curved travertine sinks float above wood counter tops. Note that the bronze, levered faucets are wall-mounted.

As seen from the master bedroom, this eclectic bath invites you visually to enjoy the contrasting values. The deep wood tones and softer travertine of the sinks have been coupled with river stone, a theme established here on the mirrored wall (see other photos). Note the tumbled travertine effect in the floor tile. Photo: Dan Bawden

The geometrically-designed tile work gave us the perfect opportunity to include niches and a generous bench seat. Note the continuation of the river stone theme on the seat and shower floor. Photo: Dan Bawden

This custom-styled shower sports two shower heads, accent tiles, stepped-down surround, river stone bench and floor and a strong design that complements the balance of the bath. The shower is open to the master bedroom for TV viewing as requested by the owner. Note the levered faucet handles for universal appeal and use.