Southgate Deck

The swimming pool, though already in place, has been partnered with this multi-functional deck for maximum use and backyard appeal. In the far right corner you can just make out a custom gate where the pool equipment is housed

This beautiful mulit-level deck was constructed of TREX, a wood composite that lasts many times longer than treated wood. Notice that the gray color, which goes all the way through the timber, serves as a design statement and also as a visual reminder of level changes in the walking plane. Maintenance-free, TREX replaced splintery and warped boards from the former deck.

Seen from a pool-side angle, the deck offers areas for mingling at the table with shade, cooking on the BBQ pit, or catching ZZZs on the hammock. There’s even room for dancing were you so inclined!

The charming, white custom gate makes the pool equipment recede into the background.

This welcoming entrance utilizes long-lasting TREX, a wood composite that comes in colors. Here the gray, which matches same in the backyard, serves as a device to signal level changes as well as provide design distinction from a single color.