Plumb St. Balcony Renovation

This once-colonial balcony and exterior have been transformed into a facade worthy of New Orleans, replete with wrought iron railings, friezes and corner brackets.

A closer view of the balcony reveals the wrought iron of the railings, friezes and front door. The painted leading edge of the balcony reflects the unifying color for the building’s New Orleans-style facade.

This balcony speaks to spacious comfort and style, and a visitor would be hard-pressed to comprehend that the near window in the picture is faux. To achieve balance from the curb view, high-end shutters were painted and installed to coordinate with the new shutters beside the entry/exit door to the balcony a bit further down in the picture. The ceiling is painted blue to dissuade visiting insects.

The existing door was taken into consideration when the specific styling of the wrought iron brackets, friezes and railings were chosen, resulting in a seamless combination of drama and design.

In this close-up view of the corner brackets, you notice that the columns are square, rendering a much more stable surface upon which to weld the frieze/brackets.