Longmont II Bath

Shown is one-half of a most beautiful Master bath, replete with gold fixtures, granite floor and tub surround, hand-painted Trompe L’ oeil medallions (see other photo) and built-in cabinets. Resplendent in personal touches, this room will invite its owners for years to come.

By utilizing two different natural stones on the floor, tub/shower surround, and counters, the owners increased the visual interest while keeping the color values balanced. Oh yes, storage is abundant in these site-built cabinets.

The tone of the lighter-colored counters is picked up in the key pattern on the floor.

The classic presence of the medallions around the Master bath speak to a time of calm and civility. The coordinating tilework, in the shower area especially, enlivens and serves to unite this space.

Though set off by a door, even the water closet can boast of its own art work, which is congruent with the other Trompe L’ eoil paintings in the room.

At the intersection of the two counters rises a stunning cabinet that doubles as a garage for personal appliances – a clever use of space meets the homeowners’ needs.

This close-up reveals the utility that the “display cabinet” provides, yet with doors closed and a step back, you are viewing a focal point in this side of the Master bath.

As a stand-alone, this shower is picture-perfect and just as functional.