Linkwood – Timberside Remodel

This renovation involved removing two walls that boxed the kitchen in. Once removed, beautiful sight lines were created across the entire house into the kitchen. This accomplished the owner’s goal of creating an open, inviting and airy kitchen connecting the food preparation space with the adjoining dining room and den. Note the Silestone counter tops, glass front cabinets, new appliances and an island bar with comfy stool seating.

What was once a series of boxed-in rooms has now become an open flow for traffic along the adjoining public spaces of den, dining room and kitchen.

This view of the project demonstrates how truly sweet it is to deconstruct your rooms to allow for a feeling of cohesive living space. Note how spacious the rooms have become, as if additional square footage has been created.

The dining room boasts a palace for the crystal in this well-designed bar/buffet that accommodates wine storage and cabinets for accoutrement.

Tucked out of sight but not out of reach, the microwave rests quietly within the work triangle of this fabulous, well-lit kitchen.

Just off the kitchen proper, only a step away, is this treasure of a newly built pantry, in what doubles as a mudroom with built-in storage for shoes and outdoor equipment.

Near the newly built pantry is the mudroom area of a side entrance to the house. This area has built-in storage to catch all of that stuff coming in the door with no particular destination, or to store that rainy day gear.