Holcombe Kitchen/Home Office

The warm color of these glazed cabinets plays beautifully with the wall color. Selection of even lighter Silestone countertops helps to balance the mood and movement of light about the room, where to the left, you will find a home office that shares the cheerful space.

As seen from the desk in the kitchen, clean sight lines afford a great view of the generous kitchen window over the sink. The island overhang of Silestone allows a quick bite or leisurely conversation in this uncluttered, welcoming space.

From the sink and kitchen window, you can view the desk of the home office in this spacious kitchen. The desk drawers, counters and cabinets are integrated with the rest of the kitchen to give a cohesive look, including file drawers for managing business affairs.

Upon entering the kitchen, you will spy a great set of built-ins that are used for storing children’s games and activities. The cabinetry of this built-in integrates once again with the rest of the kitchen, providing a seamless look of effortless harmony.

A close-up of this cabinetry and crown reveals the richness of the glazing and the rope detailing that contrasts and unifies simultaneously.

This easy-to-reach spice rack nestles behind a cabinet door, sparing the spices from direct heat. The shelves within the cabinet were designed to set back from the front, allowing the door to close easily.

In this corner cabinet, the door articulates fully out of the way, yielding access to two turn-tables that serve as lazy susans to recover items stored below easily.

File drawers for the home office in the kitchen are finished exactly as those in the kitchen proper to give a sense of unity and purpose, in style.

This elegant butler’s pantry speaks the same language in cabinetry as the kitchen.