Dumfries 2 Baths

This is a telling view of the granite workmanship and striking shape of the vessel sink.

This gorgeous under mount tub has been artfully tiled to include a granite deck, a tile mosaic pattern that follows around the shower as well, and two types of faucets to achieve tub fill that are minimally intrusive – aesthetically ecstatic!

Echoing the tile mosaic stripe of the tub, the shower also features a frameless glass enclosure and a granite shower bench (see other photo). The warmth of the tile and stone are well-coordinated with the paint color selected to provide a welcoming atmosphere in which to linger.

A closer view of the shower tile pattern reveals a design of larger tiles in colors and materials similar to the mosaic pattern that surrounds the tub. Notice that the tile and the glass go all the way to the ceiling. There are two shower heads including a rain jet, plus a hand-held unit, which equals a lot of function packed into this space.

The geometry of this bathroom is evident in the inspired way that the frameless glass of the shower enclosure meets perfectly with the granite bench of the shower and threshold. Notice the small size of tile in the shower floor to be found in the mosaic tub pattern as well. The black elements of the tiling design bring a strong sense of unity to this space

Notice that the granite window sills are of the same material as the tub deck

Check out this beautiful tile-framed mirror that utilizes the same mosaic tile as the tub surround, shower and shower floor. You can see the tub and surround reflected in the mirror. The room is really pulled together by this repetition of materials.

An oblong vessel sink sits atop this custom vanity with bowed front and granite counter top, yielding plenty of splash room and a unique appearance. The granite also appears on top of the glass block pony wall (affording privacy) and on the window sill beyond, pulling the room together with style.

Upon closer inspection in this view of the vanity, you will notice a glow emanating from under it.

The compact shower has several amenities, like a shampoo niche, a hand-held shower unit plus the regular shower head, no frame for the glass enclosure which gives the appearance of more space, and a granite corner bench. Additionally, the door handle doubles as a towel bar. The granite is repeated in the shampoo niche ledge and window sill above the bench.

Visitors stepping into this shower will find all the comforts of home, with a functional corner bench of granite which is duplicated in the window sill and shelf, and a clutter-eliminating place to store the sundries in the shampoo niche. And who can pass up the opportunity to rinse with a hand-held unit?

Stained to match the bowed front vanity, this bank of richly-colored, built-in cabinets adds a great deal of storage and balances the room. You can see the reflection of the main shower head in the frameless glass enclosure.