Buffalo Speedway Aging-in-Place Bath

This totally revamped bathroom in a high-rise is an aging-in-place tub conversion. It has details like no curb for roll-in possibilities, frameless glass and no door. No door means that there are no swing issues with other doors. The job was especially challenging because, being in a high rise, no jack-hammering could take place to lower the shower floor, so the bathroom floor itself was raised to accomodate the necessary shower floor slope for proper drainage. Two grab bars were installed in white so that they would blend in with the tile work. The glass tile mosaic lends a punch of color to draw the eye. The corner soap dish and built-in shower niche keep products off of the floor.

This close-up shot of the shower detail emphasizes the clean lines sought by the owner and the spaciousness of a doorless shower that replaced a tub. The grab rail shown (one of two) blends right in with the tile and the glass mosaic draws the eye away from it as well.

From this view, you can see how the rooms adjoin, and better appreciate how the lack of a shower door does not impede the swing of the adjacent room’s door. Ventilation and privacy is acccomplished.