Birdwood Shower Conversion

Even with doors closed, you can still appreciate the spaciousness of this curbless shower, now where a tub once was. The glass panes have been recycled from the former tub, and the edge of small beveled mirrors lends a timeless touch to the bathing area.

In this elegantly straightforward bathroom, the shower has elevated the room beyond the tub, which was a step-down bath. Rich travertine tiles cover the walls, including a Dark Parador key pattern that is echoed in the floor. The shampoo shelves in the corner are also of sealed travertine. Universal design called for grab bars and levered handles for ease of use, and the curbless entry allows anyone into the spacious shower. Two shower heads, one hand-held, top off the efficiency quotient.

An inside view highlights the functionality of this commodious shower (once tub), from the curbless entrance to the grab bars, the levered faucet handles and the secondary hand-held fixture. The floor is constructed of 4″ squares to allow for proper sloping for drainage.