What Is My Project Going To Cost?

Bawden’s Ballparks

  • Here are a general range of the budgets to give you a realistic idea of what your project might cost. This will help you determine if the project is feasible, and if your budget is realistic.
  • Costs assume a professional contractor with construction certifications & proper insurance is doing the work.
  • Every home and every renovation is unique of course, but these assume “middle of the road” construction and finishes.


Here are ranges for some of the most popular remodeling projects completed in the Houston metropolitan area:

ProjectLow rangeHigh Range
Bathroom addition:$25,000$50,000
Bathroom remodel:$20,000$48,000
Attic conversion:$55,000$120,000
Attic with addition:$75,000$180,000
Covered patio:$16,000$28,000
Deck addition:$10,000$23,000
Family room addition:$25,000$60,000
Home office remodel:$10,000$22,000
Major kitchen remodel:$50,000$110,000
Minor kitchen remodel:$20,000$35,000
Master suite addition:$38,000$56,000
Roofing replacement:$8,500$25,000
Siding replacement (Hardie):$9,000$14,000
Sunroom addition:$20,000$30,000
Garage apartment:$35,000$95,000
Second story addition:$75,000$180,000
Window replacement (wood):$12,000$21,000
Window replacement (vinyl):$9000$18,000

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