Got Wood Floors?

Did You Know….

That you can ‘Spruce Up” your hardwoods for a lot less $ than you think?   Whether you wood floors have a wax or polyurethane finish, an occasional re-do is needed.

The Secret Trick….

You don’t have to completely re-sand & finish to restore your floors.  We can do a much less expensive , much faster  (and less dusty !) approach.   We “re-screen and re-varnish”.  We use a special technique to knock the varnish layer down without getting into the stained layer.  Once the screening is done, we apply 2 or more coats of high quality polyurethane.  Voila!  Your floors look brand new, and the whole process takes 1 or 2 days.

The best part is the cost.  This technique costs only ONE -THIRD of a full sand-and-refinish-job.   Faster, neater & cheaper.   What’s not to love about that?

Copyright February, 2011 by Dan Bawden