Five Aging in Place Home Ideas for under $500

  1. Replace your old shower head with a handheld shower on a hose.  If possible buy one with a “trickle control” on the handle that lets you turn the water flow to a trickle so you don’t waste water while you’re “soaping up”.
    1. If you’re handy and can screw it on yourself, the cost is less than $100. If you have a plumber install it, cost will be about $175.- to $200.
    2. See for example,
  2. Install a sturdy grab bar on the wall where you step into the shower or tub. At one of big box stores you’ll pay $30-$60 for a nicer bar.  If you have a pro install it, expect to pay $175. – $200 per bar, including the bar itself.  See for example!pla!!!38526285048!g!!39076012039!&gclid=CO6vlPPx6LwCFW9p7Aod0SUAxg
  3. Replace your bathroom faucet for one that has attractive lever handles. Even better, find a lever handle model that has a pull-out spray like your kitchen faucet only smaller.  (see for example Cost for a good faucet: $170-$250 + $150-$200 for the plumber.
  4. Install a “911 Guidelight”. This is a neat device that turns on a brilliant blue strobe light in your from window if anyone dials 911.  Created by a police officer, it helps police and firemen find you home faster in an emergency, day or night. The may not see your house number, but they’ll see this!  See  Typical cost about $115, shipped.  No tools required to install.  Attaches to your existing phone jack.
  5. Swing clear hinges. Have a narrow doorway?  Replacing the hinges with “swing clear hinges.” These move the door completely out of the way of the doorway, giving you another 1.5 to 2” of clearance without widening the doorway!   A handyman or trim carpenter can install these for about $150.  A pair of these hinges cost between $20 and $30. Depending on the finish.   See examples at