Client Referral Program

How the Client Referral Program works:

  1. One percent (%) referral reward will be based upon the original signed contract price. For example of you refer us a $50K kitchen remodel, you will receive $500. The bigger the project, the more you will receive.
  2. There is no limit to how many rewards you can get. (Reward is paid at the end of the job after completion and payment in full.)
  3. The referral must be brought to LEC’s attention either before or no later than the first meeting with the potential client.
  4. Payments over $600.00 will require a W-9 to be filled out and a 1099 issued as per IRS rules. For this we will need your social security number.
  5. For projects over $50,000 a disclosure statement is required by law, and will need to be signed off by all parties before the initial meeting, if the referring person holds a professional position such as: Realtors, Accountants, Insurance Agents, and Attorneys.
  6. No disclosure is required for jobs under $50,000 for the professionals listed above.
  7. The sponsor shall have the right to terminate, modify, and suspend the program at any time without notice.
  8. Referrals for our 3D design projects are also rewarded!

Client Referral Program expires on December 31, 2021

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