How to Choose a Style for a Remodeled Home?

Before people decide to remodel their house, they need to choose a style. Below are fourteen styles that people can use to decorate their rooms..

  1. The came from the 1800s, known as The Colonial Period. The bedrooms are on the second floor, the house is symmetrical and the windows have window panes that are close together. Colors in colonial styles are normally neutral. Some colors can include: black and white, light browns and beige.
  2. The rustic style is similar to country style. It has many different ways people can decorate with it. They can choose to decorate with elements from the country style such as distressed furniture and barn doors. People can also choose to incorporate industrial style such as a wooden table.
  3. The art nouveau style uses colors that allow light in such as sage greens as well as mustard, hardwood floors and furniture that incorporates a specific style such as flowers or leaves.
  4. Art deco style uses brass and chrome as well as shapes, polished wood and furniture that has a lacquer. For a well-known style reference, people can look into the movie The Great Gatsby.
  5. Country has three distinct styles attached to it: Shabby Chic, English Country and French Country. Shabby Chic uses distressed and worn furniture to create a calm, feminine feel. People who want to decorate using this type of style should decorate with roses and use pastel colors to paint their home.

    English Country has a relaxed, comfortable and rustic feel. It uses floral fabric, classic patterns as well as furniture such as stained tables and wallpaper over paint. One way to incorporate this style is to line shelves with china or choose furniture made of pine.

    French Country makes people feel welcomed and uses rustic as well as old-world pieces to make that happen. People can achieve this style by choosing brick or stone floors, placing wooden beams in the house, adding a fireplace and using flowers in their decorating choices.

  6. Gothic style uses dark colors and windows with points as well as large windows broken into sections called palladian windows. 
  7. The Victorian style became popular during the Industrial Revolution, when people decided to use items that aristocrats could only own. This means owning a large amount of furniture, accessories and fabric to show a person’s financial status. The colors for this style include black, plum, brown in walnut as well as mahogany, gold and yellow. Furniture is extravagant and for the style, people used silk as well as velvet.
  8. Indian style includes dark, wood furniture and plenty of pieces with textured finishes as well as patterns. The colors of this style are warm colors, which people can find in Indian food such as the  dark orange color in curry and the green in cardamom. Flooring can include marble, granite or tile.
  9. The Moroccan style incorporates Middle Eastern colors such as blues and greens of the Mediterranean Sea, orange and red from the sunsets, yellow, gold, as well as the light brown from the desert and silver. People also use a large amount of plants, mosaic tiles on sinks as well as mirrors, silk curtains and wool rugs.
  10. Spanish style uses early colors such as chocolate brown, deep red, mustard and burnt orange. People can also decorate their floors with rugs and use a stucco as well as faux finish on their walls. For furniture choices, people can decide on dark wood pieces to complement the style.
  11. The feeling of Japanese style is clean and simple. It uses transparency, sliding doors, and white as well as brown colors.
  12. Scandinavian style is very modern with white paint on the walls, wood floors in every room except the bathroom, large amount of light and colors that are neutral.
  13. Traditional European style uses European decor from the 18th and 19th century. This includes elegant furniture such as winged back chairs, tables with claws on the bottom and wooden accents such as crown molding.
  14. Modern Minimalist is a simple style. People who want to decorate using this style should choose furniture that has a shape such as square, the color choice is up to the designer since it can bright or dull. Another type of Modern Minimalist style is Maverick. It is a style that plays by its own rules. Colors, flooring and furniture do not have to match.